My Holiday in Milan (Italy)

I was impatiently looking forward to my great trip to Milan. I have not been in Italy before, but I have heard a lot about the Italian towns, the pizza and pasta, the ice-cream and a lot more. We arrived at the airport in Bergamo and from where we traveled about an hour by bus to Milan. We settled down in our Holiday home in Italy apartment in Milan and started our discovery of the beautiful streets. We saw the Milan Cathedral – Duomo, already lit, shining. As every misguided tourists we do not miss drinking coca cola for 11 euros and a cafe opposite the cathedral. None of us realized that we were on Merkanti Street, in restaurant Merkanti. Despite that the spaghetti was delicious, a bit raw, but apparently they prepare them like that.

On the next morning (Saturday) we ate in a neighborhood fast food delicious croissants. Then we decided to have a walk around the city – our first stop was Sempione Park (Parco Sempione) – a wonderful place for relaxation, especially when the temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. There was a pond with ducks, people sleeping on the benches and people who were on the beach.

Tired from the walk, we decided to have a snack in a typical Italian restaurant – pizza and pasta. This time we reviewed the menu in detail – the drinks were with normal prices and we got inside, where the air conditioning was our award after several hours on foot. In the afternoon we decided that it was time for shopping and we departed to Buenos Aires Avenue. You need at least 4-5 hours to see all the shops only on one of the sides of the avenue. We reached the middle, our bags were full and we were tired, so we gave up from the tempting discounts that were expecting us on each intersection. It is definitely a great deal to visit this avenue when there is sale, because you get very good quality clothes and shoes on a reasonable price.

On Sunday at the end of the weekend and the beginning of our trip to Verona. We left out holiday apartment in Milan and went towards the railway station. Unfortunately, we found out that there was no working place where you can eat a croissant. Finally, we found a neighborhood restaurant and after long waiting and trying to understand the Italian, we understood that one of the employees is Bulgarian. Suddenly the communication became easier and our order was served. The next stop was the railway station. After a long battle with the ticket machine we succeeded getting a ticket to Verona with reserved seats. In fact, the truth is that it is much faster and easier to buy tickets from these machines, because on the counters you can hardly find anyone who knows a little bit of other language besides Italian, and these smart machines work in English, French and German.






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